About Dogs Across America 2007

Dog scooterers, mushers, and other participants in dog powered sports are organizing Dogs Across America, a public relay event to demonstrate the pulling and traveling ability of ordinary (and extra-ordinary dogs). In each participating State, teams of dogs and humans will run one or more trails in the State. A team is one human running one or several or many dogs. If a human on a scooter pulled by a single dog run 10 miles, they contribute 10 miles to their State's total. If a human on a rig pulled by 6 dogs run 10 miles, it still counts as 10 miles. The mileage count is per team, not per dog.

The event will take place on the weekends of Oct. 20-21 (Canada and Alaska), Nov. 10-11 (Northern States), and Dec. 15-16 (Southern States). The northern states are scheduled earlier to avoid the snow, while the souther states are scheduled later to avoid the heat. Coordinators for each State can choose which date works best for their State, weatherwise.

Any wheeled device may be used. The number of dogs per device is unlimited. Dogs can pull scooters, bicycles, sulkies, dryland mushing rigs, wagons, roller blades, skateboards, roller skiis, wheelchairs or even humans on foot (canicross). Should there be snow, skiis and sleds will travel the trails.

We are in the early planning stages for 2007. We are hoping to co-produce the event with organizations that support public trails such as parks departments or with animal welfare organizations such as humane societies.

We are a loose group of dog lovers. Many of us converse about dog scootering on the Yahoo Group DogsLoveToRun. The Internet allows us to organized this event in spite of a lack of formal structure as a club or non-profit.


Each participating State (see map) has a coordinator or set of coordinators. To find out if there is one in your State, click on your State in the map. Please volunteer to coordinate your State if your State does not have a coordinator.

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